Acrylic Medium on Canvas

I am a self-taught artist. My paintings are derived from inner feelings of relaxation when introduced to nature, earth and sea. The aura and spatial flow that is created from water and acrylic paint establish the basis for my work. The ever changing character of each piece follows its own controlled path as the current takes the palette to a softness and color hue all its own.

Harmony is achieved by following the color blending with the right mingling of water and paint tones. When I have found equal parts calm and beauty in the meshing, that is when the shock of bold color is introduced to find symmetry. Pairing the right tones with a balance of wash creates a final rhythm. Balancing tone and texture is the final step in achieving a remarkable soothing effect.

Memorable depth of color is displayed that transcend the piece from paint on canvas into a feeling, an emotion, a place you can step inside.